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Dental specialists and their roles.

We all need a dentist. The dentist aims to provide services of cleanings and occasional filling. Many of us see the general dentist, but we go to the specialist when we examine any severe cause. Furthermore, our smile needs extra care.

There are many dental specialists in such scenarios, and each one has a particular role in curing your oral health and providing oral care. A dental specialist is those dentists who received higher education in the particular field, and then they did additional training in that dental speciality beyond their general degree of dentistry.

Some issues are caused by heredity, and accidents and other reasons cause some. In these cases, you may need a dental specialist so that you can avoid bad health. Here are some different types of dentist specialists;


Dental specialist 1

Endodontist – root canal specialist

Many of us have a root canal issue, and we all have no idea how to get good oral health. If you are facing and toothache, suddenly you find out that your pulp becomes infected or it caused significant damage to your overall oral health.

Then in this condition, your general dentist refers to your dental specialist called an endodontist. Like the superheroes, the endodontists are specialized in saving you, oh, actually saving your teeth. Inside out teeth, there are tiny passages of the cavern. These are known as canals. These canals have sensitive pulp, nerves, and blood vessels.

The endodontist performs some minor tests on the infected pulp, and then they did the root canal. They did this surgery to remove the pain which causes unwanted disturbance to you.

Dental specialist 2

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Such a specialist treats your dental problems like hard and soft tissues problems, mouth, and jaw. Such type is not for the general check-up of your oral teeth. Instead, they performed surgeries on your oral disease.

They perform surgeries with complex procedures. And these all procedures contain a deep level of sedation like nitrogen gas and nitrous oxide. These surgeries are done under supervision. Anaesthesiologists are also present at the time of surgery; they give sedatives to the patients. They are considered as the administers of all levels of anaesthesia. Specialized procedures include tooth extraction, cleft lip, or corrective jaw surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons only do such surgeries.

Dental specialist 3

Orthodontist – alignment specialist

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who can correct your teeth and give them a correct alignment. You might see such a type of dentist when you have an underbite, overbite, and crossbite. The misaligned jaws cause these all misarrangements. They correct the crooked teeth.

For the alignment, the orthodontist used braces, palatal expanders, and clear aligners. These all instruments are part of the treatment. Children of teenagers might see such a dentist but for the adult’s dentist used braces and other alignment equipment. Montclair Dentist

When you are planning to see the orthodontist, first check the insurance coverage to check the cost of the procedure. Some referral plans are required from your general dentist before going towards the orthodontist.

Dental specialist 4

Paediatric dentist

A paediatric specialist is referred to the child’s oral health treatment. The paediatric dentist’s role is to take care of the child’s oral health from infancy through teens. A paediatric dentist will help you to keep the oral health of your child to a healthy root. They are friendly to children.

They perform routine care exams like cleaning and filling. And they can resolve the issue of thumb sucking in children.

They are also specialized in diagnosing the diseases in childlike diabetes. In addition, they aim to monitor the development of your child’s smile, and if there is any issue, they referred the specific dentist.

Dental specialist 5

Periodontist – gum specialist

A periodontist is a gum specialist. He focused on such diseases, which caused the infection to the gums. They recognized the root cause and then bumped into the conclusion. They picked the problem at the early stage.

They need to perform minor surgeries like gum grafts ad reduction. After the surgeries, they restore the smile. Such type of dentist implants and lengthens the existed crowns in the time of need. If your medical history shows that you have severe gum disease, your general dentist refers you to a periodontist specialist.

Dental specialist 6


Such types of dental specialists perform surgery to restore damaged teeth. Such dentists have a deep understanding level, and they performed surgeries very well and regain your smile with confidence.

Prosthodontists specialize in various procedures of dental like porcelain veneers, bridge repair, and reconstructive dentistry. If your general doctor refers that you might need repairing and replacing teeth surgery, you have to visit this dental specialist. They will give the best alignment to your teeth by using dental tools. And after that, you can get your precious smile.

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